Covid While Black Project was launched in April 2020 to track the news, data, and politics of Black Americans experiencing the coronavirus. Covid-19 has taken a significant toll on Black communities in the United States and with this project, we strive to provide accurate data and frequent updates on the impacts of the virus on African Americans across the country.

While racial and ethnic data is available for most but not all coronavirus cases, the data that is available shows a clear trend, especially for African Americans. According to the APM Research Lab, which has analyzed Covid-19 racial and ethnic data, the mortality rate was 2.3 times higher for black Americans than for white Americans as of early June.
Experts say some of the disparity in outcomes can be explained by co-morbidities — conditions like asthma, heart disease and diabetes — that are more prevalent in minority communities. But access to consistent, quality health care, healthy food, clean air and water also plays a role.



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